Equipment for electronics

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MAXDER is an established company specializing in the distribution of equipment and products used by many companies working in the electronics industry.


Present in the market since 1994, has developed and implemented alongside numerous customers, products and ideas how to improve and solve the most varied needs. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the market by its operators, is in position to secure privileges to ensure a top level service and certainly appreciated by its customers.


The collaboration with several external companies, each specializing in its own field, selected to provide a high degree of reliability, are the strength of MAXDER who organized this way, it is able to offer the best service with the highest elasticity of small business and the high technical reliability of manufacturers with the most technologically advanced equipment. 


The main objective of MAXDER is the continuous search for innovative solutions to offer to its customers. 

The continuous assessment of the quality of the products is a guarantee of efficient service capable of satisfying the most varied needs.