Equipment for electronics

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Our company produces workbenches and select a wide range of products to offer to its customers: welding stations hand, fume extraction systems, ESD-safe, electric screwdrivers, and more ...

Workbenches consist of steel structures which, assembled in different ways, allow to form the various workstations, equipped with stability, rigidity and strength, with a price/quality ratio of considerable interest. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, this line of workbenches is proposed as a modular and ergonomic.

Many electronic components, in particular the microchip, can be damaged by electrostatic discharge and must therefore be protected during handling and assembly. This product line is designed for ESD testing and static dissipation in the EPA areas. From clothing to flooring, these products are critical to the safety of the operator and all components subject to electrostatic shock.

Welding, desoldering, rework and hot air stations signed JBC, useful in working on electronic components. The range of over 400 tips and the welding temperature lower than 50°C compared to other brands, ensures a better quality of workmanship.

BOFA fume extraction systems that are used in every sector, from the pharmaceutical to dental technician. Thanks to the HEPA filters, allow the collection of welding fumes and laser processing, in addition to ensuring the capture of the smaller particles of dust and chips.

Electric screwdrivers

Professional screwdrivers feature an innovative design and exceptional maneuverability and comfort. Those tires to those battery, increases operator efficiency by simplifying work and reducing production costs.

Lens and lamp

Magnifiers with lamp ideal for applications in laboratories and production lines of the electronic, electromechanical, electrotechnical and textiles industries.