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The KE line of technical tables consists of a modular structure in epoxy powder coated steel that can be assembled in different work compositions, configuring them on the basis of the most varied needs of the user. The materials used give the structure stability, rigidity, and robustness while maintaining an excellent quality-price ratio. The frame is made of steel, the constructive characteristics of the modules allow a high flexibility and adaptability to any change in work requirements through adjustable work surfaces and support height, shelves and tool holders, power supply unit with different sockets, life-saving switches, custom-made RJ45 sockets, specific lighting sets and accessories, which ensure high ergonomics for the operator, reducing production time. The KE benches can also be placed side by side, opposed and assembled in corner solutions, both with HIGH modules (complete with power supply, shelf and lighting), MEDIUM (with power supply and shelf) and LOW (structure and floor). These configurations and the design taken care of in every particular detail guarantee a pleasant insertion in every work environment.

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MAXDER GROUP S.r.l., engaged in the field of prevention to safeguard the quality of human life in the workplace and the quality of production processes, proposes the KE SERIES workbench as a dissipative means of electrostatic charges in the EPA area. This workbench is built with antistatic dissipative materials that are not subject to degradation, not even for wear over time; it does not allow the generation of electrostatic charges due to triboelectric effect; annuls completely and permanently the electrostatic charge, produced by rubbing, sedimented on the operator's body. The antistatic dissipative workbench SERIE KE is the result of the indications coming from the research carried out in the field of static electricity and has been engineered following the provisions of the national regulations of Legislative Decree 626/94 now 81/08.


The KER workbench allows the adjustment of the worktop and the rear structure on 4 levels, starting from a height of 800mm up to a height of 1000mm. This work table has been designed to offer greater comfort to the operator when working both sitting and standing; the adjustment of the position of the plane can in fact be changed simply by moving 4 pins. Available in versions with a 1500mm and 2000mm wide worktop, it offers a series of accessories that make it suitable for productive use, in the laboratory and in the most technological design offices. You can thus integrate the customizable power line, the drawers, the lighting provided with a trolley for the tools and all the equipment needed for your assembly to your new workbench. If you prefer instead, the KER table can take the place of your best design and testing station, integrating accessories such as footrest, keyboard tray, monitor arm or tower/PC holder.

The KB EVO line of technical tables is made up of a modular structure in epoxy powder painted steel with double coloring, blue and gray. This work table is characterized by high strength and stability, qualities that allow flow rates higher than 300kg, and is available in versions with 1500mm and 2000mm worktop. The accessories that can be combined with the KB EVO table are: the Modesty Panel to protect your privacy, adjustable feet with millimeter steps and a shelf that can be used to store tools and products below the worktop. The constructional characteristics of the KB EVO module allow a high flexibility and adaptability to any change and work requirement. The innovative design and high ergonomics make it an excellent workmate.


An ergonomic workstation improves the well-being of employees, which in turn improves productivity. With a wide range of accessories and adjustments Maxder can provide customers with a customized solution. The goal is to create a functional workstation. Maxder workstations and accessories can be adjusted for operators of different heights and work with the left or right hand, reducing stress in the muscles and allowing a more productive activity throughout the work shift. Maxder desks are flexible to different business needs, including the possibility to adjust the height of the bench, particularly useful when the size of the treated products varies or when multiple people use the same workstation, but are also the tool through which to guarantee comfort and well-being of the worker optimizing productivity. Being able to adjust the height of the desk, depending on the user, allows you to fully exploit the qualities and performance of an ergonomic seat. Raising the floor up to a height sufficient to work upright, quickly and effortlessly, allows you to easily change your posture, several times throughout the day, without interrupting your work.